Contact Payroll Department

Most paycheck issues are usually resolved by the following:
  1. Punch in and out every shift with the correct badge number
  2. Review the pay rate section of your contract
  3. Return contract and copies of your certs to the office in order to receive the higher pay rate.
  4. Understand the pay periods:
    Hours Worked Between       Pay Date
    May 22 - June 4       June 09, 2017
    June 5 - June 18       June 23, 2017
    June 19 - July 2       July 07, 2017
    July 3 - July 16       July 21, 2017
    July 17 - July 30       August 04, 2017
    July 31 - August 13       August 18, 2017
    August 14 - August 27       September 01, 2017
    August 28 - September 10       September 15, 2017
    September 11 - September 24       September 29, 2017
If the issue is not corrected by the above information, please complete the following:

*Indicates Required Field
*Email Address
Cell Phone
Is the information above a correction/change Yes      No
Paycheck Problem
Did you use the correct Badge Number Yes      No
If not, what Badge Number did you use?
Did you punch in/out correctly? Yes      No
Completely describe the problem; include location, dates, times, and rate:
The company will make paycheck corrections only after thorough investigation and verification of error. If you did not punch in or out we will not be able to research your problem. Corrections will be included in a regularly scheduled paycheck.
Lost or Missing Paycheck
Complete as must information as possible
Date of Check
Dates of Pay Period
Check Number
Amount of Check
Reason replacement is required
Replacement checks will be re-issued only after bank has verified original check has not been cashed. Replacement checks are subject to a $35 bank fee. Replacement checks will be mailed to the address printed on the paychecks. Employee is responsible for return of original check if located.